Kefalonia is an island that can offer visitors everything they are looking for during their holidays. Are you a lover of peaceful, relaxing holidays? Then it can certainly offer you moments of relaxation and rejuvenation through its magical bays and capes under the bright Greek sun in its deep blue waters. If again you wish to combine relaxation with mountain excursions and walks or diving in the magical waters of the Ionian Sea, then again, it can satisfy you! Lovers of extreme sports and water sports? They are offered and indicated on various beaches of the island. Of course, the connoisseurs will be fully satisfied as many of its restaurants are internationally renowned for the flavors they offer, while the local wineries, with organized wine tastings, take you on a journey along the path of local wine production. Live the ultimate holiday experience by combining everything a traveler desires concentrated on a single island, the wonderful Kefalonia!


An activity that no visitor to the island should miss is boating in Melissani Cave. Descending towards the lake, the view is breathtaking. From an opening 36 meters high, the sun's rays penetrate the cave. They are reflected in the underground waters, giving it a magical yet unreal blue coloring. Board the boats on offer and explore every inch of the 160m lake that stretches beneath the imposing cliffs that surround it. A fairy-tale landscape, it will enchant even the most hesitant who may be waiting for the Nymphs to emerge from its bottom!


For mountain excursions and hiking lovers, a trip to the Ainos National Park is recommended. Overgrown with a uniquely colored fir tree, the Black Forest of Ainos offers shelter to unique species of flora and fauna in a landscape that will impress you. Walk through the dense and lush vegetation of the verdant forest of the mountain range and discover all the surprises that nature has for you. The unique endemic fir trees "abies cephalonica" that make up the forest of Mavri Elati will impress you, while during your hike, you will come in contact with the remarkable fauna of the area. Exploring unique uncharted paths and magical, mysterious lakes and caves will indeed remain engraved in your memory!


Extremely popular for lovers of seawater are diving in the magical waters of Kefalonia. The particular geomorphology of the Kefalonian coastline combined with its calm waters makes it ideal for underwater exploration. There are many diving centers throughout the island, from Fiskardo to Agia Efimia and from Lassi to Lixouri. Enjoy scuba diving lessons and visit fascinating underwater sites that will amaze you, such as underwater caves, shipwrecks, and seagrass beds.


But an alternative activity that can offer you unique moments is horse riding. On an island full of surprises, anyone who wishes for an alternative way of touring is allowed to ride thoroughbred horses and wander through the idyllic landscapes of Kefalonia, the mountain paths, the enchanting coastlines, the gorges and valleys, the innumerable olive groves of the island's unspoiled nature. In Sami, there are riding schools that offer you the opportunity to live a different holiday experience.


On an island like Kefalonia that can combine and offer its visitors a wide range of activities, Water Sports could not be missing. If you are a water sports enthusiast, then you will be thrilled with the possibilities offered by the beaches of Kefalonia. Visit the beaches of Sami or Lixouri, where you will find a variety of corners offering water sports services. Get your adrenaline pumping by getting on a jet ski and crossing the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea, have fun with your friends or family in the various kinds of inflatable games offered, such as banana or donuts. 


For visitors who love Greek wine, Kefalonia has a lot to offer. The local wineries allow the island's tourists to explore the secrets of local production, visit their facilities and taste rare varieties such as the Robola variety of the homonymous winery, the most popular variety produced in the region. You will get in touch with the local producers during the tour, tour the vineyards and the beautiful cellars in which the wine matures and acquires all its intoxicating aromas.


For extreme sports enthusiasts, a visit to Myrtos beach, in the northern part of the island, offers the opportunity to try paragliding and admire the unparalleled beauty of the landscape, surrounded by dense vegetation, steep cliffs, and cliffs at the foot of which the deep blue waters of Myrtos beach open up. With the adrenaline rushing to high points, skydiving experience will enchant you, and the view will be forever etched in your memory.

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