A few kilometers from the picturesque harbor of Fiskardo, following a lush green route, we come across the picturesque village of Markantonata Antipata, Erissos, in the northern part of the island. The idyllic landscape offers the villa guests ideal moments of relaxation and tranquility. Built in the center of an old olive grove, it is surrounded by a lush green forest with a magnificent view of the blue sea horizon. The outdoor area around the pool transforms the space into an earthly paradise that can offer complete rejuvenation and relaxation to its visitor. A harmonious combination of the beauty of the verdant landscape close to the sea is the right choice for anyone seeking a relaxing holiday that can be combined with the desire to explore the island. 


  • Argostoli Airport: 53 km.
  • Sami Port: 35 km.
  • Poros Port: 61 km.
  • Fiskardo port: 3.5 km.
  • Myrtos Beach: 22 km.
  • Dafnoudi Beach: 2.1 km.
  • Alaties Beach: 5.4 km.
  • Kimilia Beach: 2.4 km.
  • Emplisi Beach: 3.8 km.
  • Foki Beach: 5.4 km.
  • Drogarati Cave: 38 km.
  • Museum of the Assos Castle: 17.5 km.
  • Archaeological Museum: 35 km.
  • Lighthouse of Agioi Theodoroi: 49.5 km.
  • Melissani Cave: 32.6 km.


Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian Sea and the third largest in terms of population and rivals the two islands with the highest tourist traffic, Zakynthos and Corfu. Visitors will be surprised to discover its long history as the first evidence of the island's inhabitants dates back to the Stone Age. In a short journey through time, we discover the various theories about the name of the island - "Kefallinia" from its ancient inhabitants ("Kefallines") or "Kefalonia" from the mythical hero Kefalos who conquered the island and gave it its name.

Following the course of history, we are transported to the famous Homeric Age, the era of the heroic ideal, during which the most famous heroic castaway of history, Odysseus, according to evidence of the time, is said to have returned after decades of suffering to his homeland, Kefalonia and not today's Ithaca! During the Middle Ages, Kefalonia was conquered by the Roman Empire until around the 14th century, when it passed under the administration of the Republic of Venice. During this period, one of the most famous castles on the island was built, the Assos Castle, parts of which are preserved today and is one of the island's most famous sights. In the following centuries, the administration of the Ionian Islands will be incorporated by the Treaty of Paris, 1763, into the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, where it will remain until 1864, when it will be given as a gift to the crowned King of Greece, George I.

The landscape of Kefalonia is breathtaking for anyone visiting the island for the first time as they are confronted with the ultimate magic: Emerald waters intertwined with the sweetest "wildness" of the Mount Ainos under the blue Greek sky! Its coasts form thousands of enchanting bays such as the bay of Sami, Myrtos and Fiskardo and idyllic capes such as Cape Dafnoudi, Cape Atheras or the most popular Sarakiniko. The exploration does not stop here, as Kefalonia is known for its abundance of caves: Melissani Cave, Agioi Theodoroi Cave, or Drogarati Cave, the cave of Sakkos, etc. Take a tour of each natural cavity that has been created in the course of the geomorphological evolution of the Kefalonian territory and be enchanted by what nature can make.

Kefalonia is famous for its amazing beaches that can satisfy even the most demanding holidaymakers. Its countless bays and capes are flooded with either golden sand or shiny sea pebbles or both, thus covering all preferences. 
For lovers of walks and mountain routes, Kefalonia is ideal for mountain excursions. Mount Ainos, which covers most of the island, is ideal for exploratory routes where you will be able to discover the rare species of flora and fauna that are forested in the island's Biogenetic and National Park, declared by the European Union.

When visiting the island, another attractive feature you will discover is its hospitable inhabitants. The Kefalonians are genuine holders of the Mediterranean temperament, distinguished for their liveliness and energy, always willing to serve and offer their best to the island's visitors. Having preserved elements of their Venetian roots, fully harmonized with the Greek tradition, they will enchant you with their artistic skills that you will often find even in the various corners of the island's picturesque villages. Don't miss the famous restaurants on the island to taste the local dishes and wine from the local wineries.

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